• Society decides what is acceptable. That is what is considered normal.
  • "Normal" is not a concrete set of traits. It's a range within each category where most people fall. Of course psychiatrists label everything. They need to be able to communicate and keep notes that each other understand so that a clear history can be kept for the patient and so that their science can advance.
  • Normal can be defined on a situational, cultural, historical, functional and statistical basis. Normality is defined on all of these things
  • Normal is a societal concept, not a psychiatric one. Everybody deviates from the norm in one way or another. If somebody deviates far enough from the norm it can have severe impacts on their life and those around them. If somebody deviates from the norm to an extent much greater than most people, a psychiatrist may try and find out if there is an underlying, hopefully treatable cause. But they themselves don't decide what is normal. They don't stalk the streets looking snatching people and telling them they're not normal. If you end up with a psychiatrist, particularly involuntarily, then something has happened to warrant a psychiatric investigation. Which suggests something has happened to significantly impact on you or those around you beyond what is the usual deviation from the norm. I speak from personal experience here.
  • You're right. Psychiatrist do have a label for everything. People are diagnosed by their signs and symptoms, true. Also, their psychiatric diagnoses can change depending on which psychiatrist that they see. They go by the DSM-IV which is a manual for mental disorders. And really, I don't mean any offense but there are many psychiatrist that don't seem all that normal themselves.
  • It sounds trite but normal is the opposite of abnormal. Everyone (yes, everyone) has abnormal traits, and that is normal. When the frequency or intensity of those traits interferes with your ability to run your life, then you might need treatment -- and perhaps that is where you cross the line from normal to abnormal. If you have a slightly weird trait that does not interfere with your ability to run your life and it does not bother anyone else, don't worry about it!
  • NORMAL= National Orginization to Reform Marijuana Laws.:)
  • I do agree,everything is labeled,even being weird.
  • Yeah, but I've noticed that there's some people in the psychiatrist community pressing to change 'abnormal' and 'normal' to 'majority' and 'minority', something which I support. It's more society in general which labels things.

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